A Quick Look at the Benefits of Delfield Blast Chillers

Posted June 13, 2019 by Jon Bowerman

A Quick Look at the Benefits of Delfield Blast Chillers

Those who work in the food and beverage sector are well-aware of the constant battle to meet food safety requirements and keep quality levels up. Those in hot climates or are stuck with inefficient cooling machinery often struggle to avoid wasting product and losing out on profit.

Below, we've outlined three benefits of Delfield blast chillers that food and beverage industry professionals can't overlook. Not only do each of these three key benefits stand on their own, but together, they ultimately lead to a greater potential for profitability. That means your team can spend less time worrying about losing food and profits and focusing more on what really matters: building a business that can achieve and sustain long-term success -- with blast chilling.

Three Benefits of Delfield Blast Chillers

They enhance food safety efforts.   

Blast chillers are an ideal bacterial protection and control solution. They can freeze thousands of pounds of product in a mere twenty-four hours. Meat products, for example, are well-known to harbor immense amounts of bacteria. When stored at improper temperatures or when food spends too much time in the danger zone, it can be detrimental to foodservice operations.

Blast chilling these products keeps bacteria from developing and multiplying in fresh foods. Chillers can also be utilized to rapidly cool warm or hot foods for storage. Pre-cooked and ready-made foods are often sent for freezing and storage immediately after cooking. While average walk-in freezers are impacted by the heat from foods, blast chillers can quickly move them out of the danger zone.

They ensure quality.  

Food safety is obviously a critical concern for consumers and corporations alike-- but what about the quality of that food? Freezing food improperly is known to significantly decrease desirable properties and cause issues like dehydration or freezer burn.

Investing in a blast chiller makes it easier to avoid these issues. There are even certain varieties of bacteria which are known to contribute to the classic "leftover" texture and taste. While these bacteria pose no threat to humans, there's no reason to put up with lackluster food. It's also easy to quickly pre-chill or refresh foods before serving. Salads and other cold dishes can be chilled for just a few minutes to improve quality and presentation.

They reduce food waste.

Whether you view food waste as a moral or a business issue (or both), there's ample reason to take every step possible to minimize it. Blast freezers allow you the freedom to quickly expand the amount of stock you're holding without rushing to find space for excess product.

It's easy to quickly preserve products within days of installing a blast chiller. That means managing the food and beverages you have on hand and preventing waste will become easier virtually overnight. Blast chillers can also be utilized to rapidly preserve foods prior to transport. When you waste food, you are also wasting profits.

The Delfield Difference

Delfield's eVent Blast Chiller line was created in accordance with HACCP guidelines. They help provide a longer food shelf-life and cut down on macro-crystallization and dehydration. Investing in a blast chiller contributes to reductions in dehydration and waste, too, which only serves to increase your brand's bottom line. 

There are a number of specialized functions like thawing, hot gas defrosting, and ice cream capabilities. New control panels outfitted with user-friendly interfaces mean that training staff and jumping into daily use are a cinch; and with four different modes each of blast chilling and shock freezing, you'll be well-equipped to handle anything that comes your way.

Learn more about Delfield blast chillers or check one out for yourself. Schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with PFEG, and schedule a demo time that's convenient for you.


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