What to Look for in a Nesting Table

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman

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Nesting tables provide hospitality and foodservice operations with versatile, space-saving table solutions that are great for food and beverage service, boardrooms and meeting facilities, lobbies, ballrooms, parties, receptions, and more.

In reality, the only limitation to how nesting tables can be used is the imagination of the operator using them. That being said, there are a range of considerations, features, and benefits that should be reviewed when looking at nesting table solutions.

Here's what to look for in a nesting table for foodservice or hospitality operations:

VERSATILE CONFIGURATIONS AND STYLES - Nesting tables are designed to be arranged in a variety of functional, aesthetically-pleasing configurations. Select the application that suits your needs, and then choose a preferred style ranging from sophisticated to rustic.

BUILT-IN MOBILITY - For maximum capabilities, nesting tables should be mobile. Things to consider are swivel casters for easy movement and brakes to lock units in place. The easier they are to move, the more you will use them.

SAVING SPACE - This is one of the biggest benefits of a set of nesting tables. Superior design will allow for easy storage within a compact footprint, and beautiful design means there's no need to move them to the back-of-the-house.

MULTIPLE HEIGHTS - For ease-of-use and maximum presentation potential, a tiered height structure provides a dimensional presentation not available with standard serving tables.

RECESSED TOPS - For greater durability especially during transport, look for countertops that are inset from leg frames to protect the table corners during moves.

QUALITY AND PRICE - The final consideration when purchasing nesting tables are quality and price. The more durable a unit, the greater the return on investment. And make sure the investment is right for your budget by exploring a full range of price points.

Learn more about nesting tables. Check out the Complete Guide to Nesting Tables from Forbes, and review their complete line of styles, series, and collections.

 Complete Guide to Nesting Tables from Forbes

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