[Video] What Can a Self-Serve Yogurt or Ice Cream Machine Do for Your Operation?

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman

Self-serve yogurt or soft-serve ice cream machines can be huge profit centers for a whole range of businesses. Simple to implement and operate, they allow consumers to customize their own selections with a bunch of different menu options.


Stoelting's AutoVend Self-Serve Soft Serve and Yogurt Machine is the perfect example. As you can see in the video above, payment options include cash or credit. They are easy to service. And custom reporting is simple to create based on operators' needs.

What Can a Self-Serve Yogurt or Ice Cream Machine Do for Your Operation?.jpgCompared to a typical frozen yogurt store, the AutoVend from Stoelting uses two percent of the space, five percent of the energy, seven percent of the labor, and ten percent of the investment. They can be used in convenience stores, corporate cafeterias, colleges and universities, airports, movie theaters, and more.

But can a self-serve machine create the perfect sundae? Learn the basics in this video. 

Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Video CTA

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