Video: Small Cooking Units with the Power and Potential to Grow Your Foodservice Business

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman


Whether it's a K-12 school cafeteria or a fast casual coffee shop, space is limited in just about every foodservice operation. Today, there's also a growing need for businesses to consider additional profit centers by expanding menu selections (or even adding them in the first place) or increasing throughput to accomodate more customers. Here's how.

Rapid and accelerated cooking are innovative methods to help foodservice operations serve an expanded menu, better utilize a smaller space, and ultimately generate more business in a shorter amount of time. In terms of the equipment to make that happen, though, there are a handful of choices depending on the desired applications.

A Short Video on the Merrychef Rapid and Accelerated Cooking Solutions

As you can see, there's a speed oven to suit all tastes. Ovens in the eikon™ Series boast ultra-short cooking times, ultra-high energy efficiency, and are easy to use with the easyTouch™ Touchscreen.

There is a speed oven to suit your indivual requirements. Find out which one it is by reading the Merrychef Guide to Rapid and Accelerated Cooking.

Merrychef Guide to Rapid and Accelerated Cooking CTA

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