Kolpak Unveils New Standard Temperature Controls

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman

Kolpak Unveils New Standard Temperature Controls.png

With the addition of a standard, built-in time clock, Kolpak's ArcticFox Temperature & Air Defrost Control is designed to simplify refrigeration cooler controls by combining the functions of a thermostat and defrost timeclock.

kolpak.pngBy working with a timeclock to control temperature and initiate defrost cycles for freezer applications, ArcticFox Temperature Control can eliminate the need for a defrost time clock on medium temperature applications. For low temperature applications, it provides an easy-to-understand thermostat, which simplifies operation and eliminates end user frustration.

The ArcticFox has been integrated to provide optimal performance, and includes a battery powered clock that will ensure of proper operation once power is restored. It includes:

· Thermostat
· Off time defrost on schedule or custom defrost
· Compressor protection
· Manual defrost
· Visual Alarming (High temp / Low temp)
· RS-485 Modbus communication

[See the ArcticFox Spec Sheet]

The new ArcticFox Temperature & Air Defrost Control now comes standard on Kolpak Custom and KoldFront product lines as part of our support and continuing efforts to improve functionality, reliability, and communication capability of Kolpak products.

Learn more about Kolpak in the Kolpak Quick Reference Guide.

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