An Introduction to Vitamix Commercial Blenders

Posted September 28, 2018 by Jon Bowerman

An Introduction to Vitamix Commercial Blenders

At PFEG, we aim to represent only the best foodservice equipment and solutions. Vitamix Commercial, a leader in commercial blenders, only reinforces our mission to provide the best to our customers. Named
“Best-in-Class” year-after-year for nearly a decade, Vitamix commercial machines are sure to be a game-changing addition to your foodservice operation.

Food or beverage, front-of-house or back-of-house, there’s a Vitamix machine to suit your menu.


Coffee shops, juice bars, cocktail bars, smoothie shops, ice cream shops, we could go on. Vitamix Commercial blenders are ideal for any bar or beverage program. Blending organic smoothies, infusing hand-crafted drinks, muddling cocktail ingredients, or juicing fruit and vegetables – Vitamix is versatile enough to handle it all. And in an industry where speed matters, Vitamix brings the power and precision behind the counter to create the beverages your customers want, when they want it.


Think of a Vitamix blender as a Swiss-army knife. Sure it blends, but it also grinds spices, chops salsas, purées vegetables, emulsifies dressings, and heats sauces. A blender like that can replace a lot of tools in a commercial kitchen, and for chefs, that means more space to operate. With a Vitamix, food prep has never been easier or more efficient. Quickly preparing ingredients, no matter the skill level of the operator, creates a huge advantage in the back-of-house, with more time and labor dedicated to filling meal tickets.

Not Just a Blender, but an Essential Partner for Success

Precision, power, durability, convenience, and passion. That’s why more professional chefs trust Vitamix blenders. From the front-of-house to the back, Vitamix Commercial machines bring those traits and more to foodservice operations. Built to last, these blenders are powerful enough to grind the toughest ingredients, while gentle enough to create delicate emulsions.

See why Vitamix Commercial machines are the perfect addition to any commercial foodservice operation. Learn more about the entire line of solutions in the Vitamix Video Library from PFEG.

Vitamix Video Library 

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