An Easy Way to Help Foodservice Professionals Save Time

Posted August 16, 2018 by Jon Bowerman

An Easy Way to Help Foodservice Professionals Save Time

Labor issues are having an enormous impact in our industry. It's causing management to spend more time dealing with staffing issues. When new employees are brought on, more time is spent training them. And when new employees aren't available, it causes existing staff to spend more time doing things they wouldn't normally do.

The one common thread here? Time. It all comes down to time.

It's easy to see how critical it is to get foods prepped, cooked, and served as quickly as possible in a foodservice operation. It's easy to see how important time-saving concepts like mise en place can be to operational efficiency. It's easy to see how keeping a commercial kitchen organized and clean can help everyone do their jobs as quickly and safely as possible.

One way is to make time-consuming and annoying tasks easier. Take dicing grids, for example. Traditionally, cleaning a dicing grid required banging it against a trash can or sink. Sometimes operators would poke clogged grids with a fork or knife. At best, this process takes a lot of time. Even worse, it could potentially damage the grid, costing the school even more in operating costs.

The Sammic Quick Cleaner Kit is one way to save time and eliminate these frustrations. Quick Cleaner is specifically designed for ease-of-use, as you can see in this introductory video.

Check out the Sammic Quick Cleaner Kit in action.



The Sammic Quick Cleaner Kit consists of a grid holder and specific cleaners for each grid size, either in 8 x 8 mm or 10 x 10 mm dicing grids. They are dishwasher-safe and NSF-listed guaranteeing maximum safety and hygiene.

Sammic Quick Cleaner Kit

Learn more about these time-saving solutions by scheduling some time to visit the PFEG test kitchen. Get a free foodservice equipment assessment today.

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