DynaStar from Jackson: The Newest High Temp Upright Door Machine on the Market

Posted May 21, 2019 by Jon Bowerman

DynaStar from Jackson

If you're interested in upgrading or purchasing a new dishmachine, we'd like to introduce you to the new DynaStar high temperature sanitizing upright door-type warewasher from Jackson. If you're looking to save on your utility bills, we especially urge you to learn more.

DynaStar is an ENERGY STAR-rated unit with water consumption rates of only 0.69 gallons per rack. At the same time, units come loaded with features to provide immediate results, ease of operation, and a durable, long-lasting performance record.

DynaStar cleans.

With a triple wash arm that is engineered to focus more water on the dishes versus spraying throughout the warewashing cavity, users get superior cleaning performance.

Jackson DynaStar FeaturesWith three rotating wash arms instead of two, this innovative wash arm provides over 30% more coverage during the wash cycle for greater cleaning performance. Wash water is delivered onto the ware by the Triple Wash Arm from the one horsepower stainless steel pump motor that provides long lasting performance. DynaStar features a booster heater with Jackson’s Sani-SureTM final rinse system that ensures proper rinse temperature in each and every cycle, and a pumped rinse that means consistent performance every cycle. With a water consumption of only 0.69 gallons per rack, DynaStar will minimize water, sewage, electrical and chemical costs for years to come.

DynaStar is easy to operate.

With digital controls that are easy to read, a full wrap tubular handle, and a door-activated drain closure, operation is a breeze.

An easy to read digital control panel is located on the front of the machine and features a LED display for greater visibility. The controls provide the operator with status of the machine (Wash, Rinse Cycle, Delime, etc), the temperature of the water, and the selected cycle. DynaStar offers three selectable cycles - Normal (58 seconds), Heavy (108 seconds) and Extra Heavy (238 seconds) - which allow the operator to select the cycle best suited for the soil load on the ware. Under the Normal cycle the capacity is 57 racks per hour, which is as high as any machine in its class.

DynaStar is easy to service.

We understand that service and maintenance are some of the most labor-involved and expensive requirements in a commercial kitchen. With DynaStar, the design was created to use common Jackson parts, as well as making service areas easy to access. All service parts are accessible with the unit in place, making the need to pull the unit out from the wall or to disconnect tables unnecessary.

[Additional Reading: With DynaStar you can use both high temp and low temp chemicals]

Learn more about the benefits of DynaStar from Jackson. Contact us to hear about about Jackson's introductory offer, or schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with us for a hands-on look.

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