A Preview of Summer Dessert Equipment

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman

A Preview of Summer Dessert Equipment.jpg

Summer seems so far away as we sit here in the middle of winter, but the days of baseball, boat rides, and ice cream cones are closer than you might think. As foodservice operators look toward July, here are a few equipment options to consider that can help maximize profit potential.


Soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines are available in both floor and countertop models to match the requirements of the facility. Units from Stoelting are rooted in a history that began with Dairy Queen in 1939 and extends today with the expansion of frozen yogurt stores across the country. 

Where other machines sputter and slow down, Stoelting equipment maintains superior product consistency and output - from the first pull or pour to the last. Their units are competitively priced, provide a low cost of ownership, and create significant savings over the life of the machine. Their complete line of frozen yogurt, soft serve, shake, frozen beverage, and combination freezers will ensure a great partnership in helping your business outperform every day. 


Vertical batch freezers are designed for ice cream, gelato, custard, sherbet, sorbet, water ices, and other frozen dessert favorites. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, batch freezer units from Stoelting are designed for consistency, which ultimately leads to profits.

With an eye toward design, capacity, easy maintenance, and product consistency, the range of Stoelting batch freezer dessert machines are geared toward helping your dessert menu outperform the competition.

Ready for dessert? Check out this cool video from Stoelting on how to build the perfect sundae.

Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Video CTA

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